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Helloween (1985)

1. Starlight

You're hanging around and got nuthin' to do
You wanna get out some pills in front of you
You fly on invisivble wings
Be careful my friend for too many can kill
You say that the meaning of life's in those pills
You forget all earthly things

You swallow your pill you wanna feel free
A trip to a world made of games
You do it again yet it's never the same
But a junkie's not somethin' to be

[Chorus:] Starlight! Fallin' in deep thru your eyes!
Starlight! Shinin' down for your soul to arise!

Now there's a needle lying in front of you
I'm frightened of those things
But I'll know what you'll do
You need it to escape from the night, ha ha
You ride on thru heaven you don't feel no pain
You ride on and ride on again and again
On the needle that brings you the light

You feel the mind-blowin' stuff
Flow thru your veins
You take off and fly to the sun
But when you get too near your wings will be burnt
You'll die in the flames and you'll fall


2. Murderer

He said get out of here nobody wants you here
You smashed his head and the man died
And there's a murmur loud
From the appearing crowd
Searching for motives and reasons why

Now take a look at yourself and you'll see
What you are in the eyes of the world
You didn't want it but now he's dead
And you're on the run from the law

You're a murderer - in every town
murderer - to the whole world
murderer - you're on the run
murderer - you'll have to kill...again!

And like an animal which escaped from the cage
They're hunting you over their holy land
Traps waiting everywhere you fall in deep despair
Darkness and night your only friends

One day the chase will be over for you
And you'll find your own peace in the end
Some day you will find sanctuary
Death!...but so long my friend!


Look for a safe place where noone will find you
And try to escape from the law
Wherever you are there's a killer behind you
Wanting to get you for sure
To lose the fear that one day he will get you
Be faster and kill him and run
Now you don't have to fear him no more
But in his place another headhunter will come
...run away!

3. Warrior

Blackened sky a final flash
Death is in the air
Warriors without a face
Destruction everywhere


Silent falls the hammer
Noone hears the cries
No escaping from this hell
Your prayers won't be heard...so die

Brainless cruel commanders
Sending death and pain
Soldiers only robots
Fight for their life in vain



Die now die warrior!
Die now die warrior!

Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
Who hold your fate in hands
Playin' chess and you're the loser
You're a small pawn in their game

Somewhere in the shelter sit the men
And they don't realise
A war without survivors is a fight
That's never won...so die!

Barren land desolate waste
Destruction is complete
Survivors creeping thru the ruins
Decaying flesh and meat

Somewhere in a shelter
Some pigs are still alive
And still they play the game
They don't give a damn...so die!


4. Victim Of Fate

I was born in the rotten part of the town
The biggest trap I had seen
Wherever you'll go and wherever you'll get to
Evil is all around

My mother's a bitch my father's a killer
Gettin' paid for murder
Fightin' and strugglin' the whole day
The only way to survive


Wanted from law but they'll never catch me
I'd much rather die in this bloody war


Fly high touch the sky
Never know the reason why it ends
Victim of fate!

I had to kill people to save my own life
I don't wanna go to hell
I started at the bottom
I'm headin' for the top

I'll never return I'll never go back
To that goddamn part of the town
Headhunters won't get me 'cause I'm not stupid
But this ain't the life I dreamt of



What now lonely man who's standing
In the shadows of the streets
You're left alone with no helpin' hand beside you
You hide from the daylight living in darkness
You got no friends you can trust nobody
Except for yourself
The only shade that's beside you
Is the shade of Lucifer
Laughing with a satanic smile
And his friend Death sharpens his sickle
You don't wanna die, do you? But you will
You will burn in hell!


Fly high, touch the sky, you will die!

5. Cry For Freedom

"Freedom" this cry of all slaves will be heard
And the tyrants will feel the steel of the sword
The chains will be broken by all slaves on the earth
Forever to be free from their load

Time has run our for all you tyrants on earth
Your slaves are heedin' the call
Makin' an end to all this terror and pain
An end to your lies and your law

Takin' away all your gold and your money
Cause dead men won't need it anymore
Much too long we felt the slash of your whips
So now you will feel our swords

Freedom the eternal cry will echo high in the sky
The day will come when all power has been broken

Your blood will flow down to the gates of hell
Satan will wait for your souls
Pray to your god he won't help you he's dead
He won't fool our minds and our souls...anymore!


Freedom the cry of all slaves will be heard
The tyrants will now feel the steel of the sword
The chains will be broken by all slaves on earth
Forever to be free from their load


...forever to be free from their load!

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